Loans up to 50,000 DKK with the new loan from Winer Finans.

It is easy and easy to apply for the loan, which is done online.

Payday loans for poor credit online: Get Started Now

It is quite easy to apply for a payday loan for poor credit online from The application is online and only takes a short time.

It’s so easy with Winer Finans

  • Fill out the information about the residence, bank, and employment.
  • With NemID you apply easily and safely.
  • Within the opening hours, you will receive an answer within 1 hour.

Mode Finance pays the money the day you apply. However, this requires the loan to be approved first. If you apply for opening hours or within the last hour of opening hours, you may risk waiting for the next day. However, you will receive the money when the banks open again. If you apply for the evening, you can have the money in your account during the next morning.

Loans for fixed, low-interest rates

Loans for fixed, low interest rates

At Winer Finance you borrow at a fixed, low-interest rate. You choose your own loan amount from DKK 10,000 and up to DKK 50,000. The maturity of the loan is between 12 and 80 months, which means 1 to 6.67 years. Your final interest rate depends on your loan amount, maturity, and credit rating. The debt rate starts from 9.90% on the cheapest loans. You can use the loan calculator on the front page of Winer Finans to see interest and repayments, etc. for different loan amounts and maturities.

In order to know your exact interest rate, you must first apply for the loan. A loan application is not binding. The loan application is solely a request for a loan offer. If you are approved for the loan, you will receive a loan offer. In the loan offer, you can see your exact price for the loan, including the monthly installments as well as your borrowing rate. The interest rate you are offered is a fixed rate. You do not, therefore, risk that interest rates rise during the loan term.

Once you have your loan offer, you can decide whether it is a loan for you.

  • If you want the loan, you only have to approve the agreement with NemID. You will then receive the money paid to your NemKonto already the same day.
  • If you do not want the loan, you can just ignore the loan offer. That is just an offer.

Unpaid months

With Winer Finans, you have the option of 2 repayment-free months each year. This allows you to get more air in the economy. Are there certain months that you may need, so use your deduction here. For example, Be in December, where Christmas presents, Christmas presents and generally a little more content than usual. It may also be in January how many insurance policies are due, which may mean that January expenses are higher than in many other months. However, the no-deductible months you choose are entirely up to you. You are the best person to know your finances and to know when you need more air in the economy.